Summary of Solidarity Funeral Benefit in association with DOVES

Breakdown of Solidarity Funeral Benefit in association with DOVES

The funeral benefit plan consists of two parts:

1. The performance of the burial or cremation.
2. A cash payment additional to the performance of the funeral or cremation.
                a. Cash benefit in the case of only one spouse being a member
                b. Cash benefit in the case of both spouses being a member – family benefit package
Who qualifies for the funeral benefit?


All paid-up members of Solidarity in the following categories:

a) Collective members: Members in the service of an employer with whom Solidarity has a recognition agreement, or an employer whom is collectively listed with Solidarity.
      Collective members, regardless of age, are eligible for the benefit.
b) Individual members: Members who joined before the age of 50 and who work for an employer who is not as collectively listed with Solidarity.
c) Continuation Members: Retired members who have been members of Solidarity, and retired on pension before April 1999.
Who does not qualify for the benefit?
1. Supportive Members of Solidarity, ie individual members who joined after the age of 50;
2. members whose membership is not paid up.
What is included in the benefit?
* Funerals are performed by DOVES Funeral Services only;
* The benefit covers the principal member, his / her spouse or nominated spouce and children under the age of 21;
* A dignified funeral and a choice between 5 coffins. The same coffins are available for cremations;

* The funeral benefit  of a member’s dependent child(ren) will be of the same quality as that of an adult.
* The funeral will be performed by DOVES in the magisterial district where the death occured. If DOVES does not have a branch in the District where the death occurred, 
   Solidarity Head Office, in conjunction with DOVES headoffice, will make alternative arrangements.
* At the death of the principal member, the spouse may apply to remain a member.
What costs are covered?
* Removal of the deceased to DOVES’s premises.
* Storage and tending to the remains; Provision of undertaking services;
* Registration of death.
* Provision of a coffin. There is a choice between the following coffins:
                      Walnut 2010158; Teak 2040158; Pecan 2080158; Economy Red Cherry 1710883; or
                      there is a choice of 3 vast chests (no extra costs for the vast coffin will be charged)
                      Cherry Red 0710871; LTL Print 0712871; Caramel 0793871;
* Should the family want to upgrade to the “Dutch Casket” an extra fee of R650.00 will be for their account
* Engraving of the name plate for the coffin.
* Provision of up to 100 standard funeral leaflets (hands in prayer). Additional leaflets will be charged at R1.75 each;
* Administrative costs; VAT at 14%; on total funeral cost.
* Use of a hearse, Use of grass carpet and lowering device; Free transport for the first 80km, from the nearest Doves Office.
What costs are not the Solidarity / DOVES contract covered?

* In the case of a conventional burial, the cost of the grave itself. (Purchase of site; digging and covering of grave)
* In the case of a cremation, the cost of the cremation process, as well as doctor’s fees and the cost of the casketet for the ashes.
* Flowers on the grave/coffin spray. and petals at the grave or cremation service.
* Funeral leaflets when more than 100 are required @ R1-75 each as well as VAT, and an additional cost if photos are to be included
* The cost of hiring a church, minister and organist, as well as the sexton.
* An additional fee of R650-00 will be charged for services on Sundays and public holidays.
* Bus hire for funeral-goers; car hire for family members.
* Additional travel cost for distances exceeding 80km, @ R4.77 / km plus VAT, in the case of 81 – 200 km;
     @ R4.39/ km plus VAT for 201 to 400 km; @ R4.12 / km plus VAT for more than 400 km.
* Fees for removal and tending performed by other undertakers.
* Removal of organs if the deceased was an organ donor or in case where lungs need to be sent away.
What is the difference between a standard burial and cremation?

The big difference in the cremation cost itself, as well as the doctor’s fees charged.
    * In most areas the cost of a cremation (which is not controlled by Doves because of the fact that the crematorium are either in municipal or privately ownership), is much higher than the cost of a burial.
    * Doctor’s fees as lay down by the doctor.

What must be done in the event of a death?

* Contact your nearest solidarity Office (NOT Head Office) to inform them of the death.
* Contact your nearest Doves branch to arrange collection of the deceased – inform them that this is a Solidarity funeral and provide them with the member’s Solidarity membership number.

**Cash payments additional to the performing of the funeral / Cremation

Solidarity membership Definition Death of: **Cash Benefit Applicant
Principal Member Ordinary
Principal Member R3000.00 Nominated spouse or
dependant children
Principal Member Ordinary



R2000.00 Principal Member or
dependant children
Principal Member Ordinary
Children 0 – 14 yrs


Principal Member
Principal Member Ordinary
Children 15 – 20 yrs R1500.00 Principal Member
Principal Member Ordinary
Physical or psychological
impaired children or
students (20 yrs+)
R1500.00 Principal Member
Both spouses are members Family benefit Principal Member R8000.00 Principal Member or
dependant children
Both spouses are members Family benefit Children 0 – 14 yrs R3500.00 Principal Member
Both spouses are members Family benefit Children 15 – 20 yrs R4500.00 Principal Member
Both spouses are members Family benefit Physical or psychological
impaired children or 
students (20 yrs+)
R1500.00 Principal Member

** Subject to Terms and Conditions

The following documents are accepted to confirm a marriage or nominated spouse:

* Pension Fund nomination form (NOT pension card)
* Medical Aid nomination form (NOT medical membership card)
* Pension Fund nomination form or

*  Proof of nomination as beneficiary in Will/Testament
* Marriage certificate
What documents are required for payment of the cash benefit?

* Death benefit claim form (available at your nearest Solidarity Branch)
* Marriage Certificate, or

*  Documents listed directly above
* Identity Documents of the deceased husband / wife or nominated spouse
* Death Certificate.

* Old policy book / certificate as proof of Paid-up membership (where applicable)
Preserved certified copies of original documents must or handafgelewer or by registered mail to your nearest Solidarity Service Office.