Funerals are an unpleasant subject.
Nobody really wants to think about or plan for them.

Unfortunately, this is a part of life and there will be times when we have to surrender our loved ones to death.


The financial expenses of a funeral can run anywhere between R8000 and R18000.

These expenses are usually unexpected and not everyone can budget for them.

Most funeral services insist on payment in advance and often it is a problem to obtain the necessary funds.


MINROC funeralpolicies can assure you that within 48 hours after you have produced a death certificate, the necessary funds will be available to you.


You can choose one of many plans: R5000, R8000, R10000, R18000.

For a small fee per month, you and your family can be insured.

An amount in cash will be paid out, which covers most of the expenses of a funeral.


Don’t postpone, make use of MINROC Funeral service’s policies, which are underwritten by UNION LIFE