About Doves

The team of MINROC Funerals Klerksdorp, under the leadership of Mrs Aletta Joubert, has been in business for the past 28 years and posesses expansive knowledge and experience in funeral services and insurances

The Doves agency, which previously traded as SAFFAS, was awarded to MINROC funeral parlour in 2004. This has ensured that SAFFAS and HTG life policy holders could be continuously served after the old SAFFAS in klerksdorp closed. Doves has national funeral agreements with amongst others: Solidarity/MWU, UASA, GBA, Old Apostolic Church of Africa, New Apostolic Church, Hollard, Metropolitan, Samba, HTG, Union Life, Jet, Bonlife, ZCC. SAFFAS, Lesaka and Numsa.

According to Aletta, policyholders of the above mentioned groups can be attended to by other funeral parlours at the death of a familymember, but emphasizes the fact that you can forfeit your benefits, if you use a service provider which has not been contracted to your specific plan. “Cash benefits can be paid out, but this can be too little to cover all the expences. It is very important to request quotations first. Even if this is a difficult time, it is crucially important for a familymember to examine the financial aspects of the diverse undertakers, to end up with the best quotation.” says Aletta.

Doves, with 16 staffmembers, offers comprehensive services – from counceling after the death of a loved one, to the eventual erection of the tombstone. You can also contact them to find out more concerning their funeral policies at competitive prices. They also offer a 24 hour service.

We supply

* Dignified funerals

* Cremation Services

* Transport, Storage and removal of the body

* Deathcertificates

* All Arangements, eg Pastor, Minister, Organist, Church, Sound Engineer, Usher

* Programs, Flowers and Refreshments

* Caskets and viewings

* Purchase and Preparation of the grave

* Wide variety of caskets and gravestones

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018 4641057 of 083 440 4838